Lida Castle

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Lida Castle, in the Grodno region, is one of the oldest of all Belarus castles History of Lida Castle Medieval Lida castle, a fine archeological monument that is officially protected by the state, lies 112km north-east of Grodno in the Grodno region of Belarus. Lida Castle (Lidskiy zamok) was built [...]

Brest Fortress

Brest Fortress, one of the most important places in Belarus, dates back to the 19th century and became a key symbol of Soviet resistance in World War 2 History of Brest Fortress Brest Fortress was built in the 1830s-early 1840s at the meeting-point of the rivers Bug and Mukhavyets. During [...]

Kamenets Tower

The town of Kamenets, Brest Oblast, is home to a unique specimen of defense architecture – the Kamenets Tower (also referred to as the Kamenets pillar or Kamenets Vezha). Its origins go back a long way to the second half of the 13th century. The majestic building resembling a chess [...]

Neswizh castle: From the defense to fully open

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In 1993, Nyasvizh, a National Historical and Cultural Museum, which came in and Nesvizhski castle — a monument of architecture XVI-XVIII centuries — was created. Today the castle and the park with ornamental lakes and shady paths — the most beautiful palace and park ensemble of Belarus, and a place [...]